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Tuning The Gas Gun
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Tuning the Gas Gun

The Ultimate and Super Gas are fixed to the frame and what occurs to the rest of the gun during firing does not effect the barrels performance.

With friction removed in key areas with the gas barrel, the slide has the opportunity to move at a greater speed.  Speed is one of the features of the Gas Gun.

Speed is a good thing, but must be managed.  When NCG was testing the Gas Guns we soon learned the speed had to be managed.

There were several symptoms appeared:

  •     Failure to feed:
  •         Nose of bullet jammed under or into the hood
  •         Bullet jumped out of the magazine
  •     Reason:
  •         Slide moving too fast and hitting buffer bushing too hard and knocking
            round forward in the magazine
  •     Solution:
  •         Increase the recoil spring poundage and a tuned magazine with an 11 pound spring

Poor quality magazines and a weak recoil spring are 95% of the reason the 1911 fails to feed.  

  • 45 ACP Defense loads 200 grain 950-1000 FPS 18-20 pound recoil spring
  • 45 ACP Ball loads 230 grain 800-900 FPS 18-20 pound recoil spring
  • 45 ACP Super loads 230 grain 1300 FPS 22-24 pound recoil spring

Do not worry about how hard at first it is to pull the slide back.  After a couple of magazines shot through the gas gun the spring will take a set and the 22-24 pound recoil spring will feel like an 18 pound spring.

One of the features of the gas gun is you can maintain the reliability by changing the recoil spring for any load.  Another feature is that the extractor can be run loose with the gas gun being a blow back design.  Less dependent, less retuning and less breakage.

No more waiting for expensive reliability package from your gun smith.  It is built into the NCG Gas Gun.  No reason to shoot an unreliable 1911 whatever barrel you choose to shoot.

The NCG's technical staff only wants you shooting the best!




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