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What makes one man's 1911 different from another one?

Some would tell you that it is their high beaver tail grip safety and arched mainspring housing. Others would tell you of the thousandth of a second that they shaved off of their splits by changing to a better red dot sight. Since 1911, new ideas and advancements in technology have led to many improvements in what is commonly known as the 1911 Government model.

All of the external add on parts serve a function. There intended function is to improve the feel and the ability to shoot the 1911 better. In spite of all the changes over the past ninety years, the 1911 "Government model" has remained virtually the same. This is especially true for the heart of the gun - the barrel. We all know that the barrel is the platform for launching the bullet. The accuracy of any 1911 is mainly dependent upon the design and installation of the barrel. No matter what the gun is wearing and no matter how pretty it is, if its not accurate and powerful it's boring.

A gunsmith in southern Ohio was compelled to come up with a better idea for the famed 1911. After years of fitting link barrels for shooters, it was always the same story. If the moving parts were not highly maintained, the gun would lose its accuracy and reliability. Lets face it, any mechanical mechanism wears. An ordinary barrel rides on a link joined by two pins and then there is the engagement of lugs. If those parts are not highly maintained the parts wear so that accuracy and reliability suffer.

Network Custom Guns has come up with the perfect barrel to eliminate the problem of wear and the expense due to refitting worn barrels. In addition, it allows ammo with .44 magnum power levels to be shot with out destroying the gun. The barrel system is called the Gas Gun™. As the name implies, the Gas Gun™ uses the physics of heat and gas pressure in relation to a fixed barrel. The idea was taken from the blueprints to the machine tools and eventually to the range.

Because the barrel is fixed, it can shoot one ragged hole from a sand bag. The felt recoil and muzzle flip is different. The recoil is smoother and softer, while the muzzle flip is cut in half (See Pictures). Delivery of follow up shots is so much faster than with a barrel of mechanical lock-up. I never realized how much performance I would get from a fixed barrel gas delay system.

There were unseen gifts in the journey of building the gas barrel. It was a real challenge to develop a system tough enough to withstand the severe heat and pressures that are generated by a gas operated design. Working at the cape for several years had its advantages. Having friends that were engineers that put large manned bullets into space seemed like the right place to be. NASA's software was able to answer any technical questions conceivable. It came up with an alloy that could withstand the heat of a rocket engine, wear like a heat shield, and not lose its tolerances. A special design feature makes the gas system self cleaning. Having decided on using premium Douglas air gauged blanks and NASA recommended alloys, quality was what I was after and I had it. The second generation gas barrel was ready for prime time.

I remember when Colt's 10mm Delta came out. That cartridge had too much power for the 1911 link system. Many fine 1911's were damaged in short order. The gas barrel is designed to withstand magnum velocities.

Due to the buffering of the gas system, the barrel has the versatility to shoot a 200 grain bullet from as low as 650 feet/sec to an incredible 1450 feet/sec on a 17 1/2 pound Wolf spring without damaging the gun!


The system uses a unique buffer bushing which serves several purposes:

  • It holds the barrel in perfect alignment with the frame. This gives support to the barrel while maintaining a fixed relationship to the gun.
  • It prevents the gas piston from traveling too far if the recoil spring was to fail or become fatigued.
  • It servers as a permanent shock absorber due to the nature of the alloy.

One thing that adds to the recoil of any 1911 is the slide momentum. This is well taken care of by the buffering of the gas system and bushing. But I wasn't finished yet. My pursuit to build a recoil "less" 1911 led to a third generation gas barrel called, "The Ultimate". By now the, drop in, Super Gas Barrel was performing at the peak of perfection. I started engineering The Ultimate while keeping in mind that a lower slide mass would reduce the upper portion of the slide by one half. I machined The Ultimate barrel to the same dimensions and shape as the original slide.

    Since the large barrel replaces the space left by the reduction of the slide, the gun looks the same, yet functions at a far higher level of performance. The slide is reduced by one half, leading to far less recoil and much faster slide velocity. It is so fast that visual detection of slide movement is impossible! Accuracy is left to your imagination and the reloading bench. Move over STI and SV, the race is on and NCG is in town.


Why the NCG Gas Gun?

  • Gives an edge to the shooter
  • Ultimate level of accuracy.
  • Highest level of speed possible.
  • Ability to shoot thousands of rounds and maintain its accuracy.
  • No wear or punishment to your gun and barrel.
  • Shoot velocities that exceed the 44 magnum. (200gr XTP @ 1450fps.)
  • Reduced muzzle flip. You can deliver twice as many bullets to the target in the same amount of time as a link gun.
  • Quality and engineered to perfection.


Personally Guaranteed for your lifetime, CEO NCG!

  • Each Bull barrel is CNC machined from Douglas air-gauged barrel blanks, 4140-chrome Moly, Rockwell on the C scale 28-32.  The Ultimate and Super Gas uses Kart Barrel exclusively.  Calibers .9MM to 45ACP.  The 32SWuses NCG's proprietary barrels.
  • The gas pressure is taken from the chamber and relayed by the piston, assists the slide delay.
  • The gas unit and feed ramp is machined in one piece for strength.
  • The gas system is stainless steel and designed to self-clean.
  • There is no locking lugs or mechanical lock up. This means no wear and maintains accuracy for thousands of rounds.
  • The barrel is fixed in the frame, and is held in the frame by the lower gas unit, slide stop pin, and a special bushing that also serves as a recoil buffer.
  • The design of the chamber and feed ramp gives you enhanced reliability and support. High pressure and high velocity rounds can be fired with out fear of case rupture. We shoot 200gr. XTP at 1400 fps in super brass.
  • High velocity and pressure rounds are cycled on a 17 1/2 pound recoil spring due to the efficiency of the gas system .

   This means the NCG Gas Gun™ gives you accuracy that no other barrel can offer and due to the precision fitting, quality barrel, and the balance of the gas system you have the smoothest, fastest 1911 designed pistol. You will without a doubt step up a level in your shooting ability



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